Hazel Murray (UK)

Studying an MA in Geography

Originally from Bristol, Hazel chose Otago as she wanted some new adventures while living somewhere different. “I figured going to the opposite side of the planet was a good place to start! I read up on Otago and found that it had a really fantastic reputation.” Hazel has since been impressed by the Otago community, especially in the Department of Geography. “My department is great and as a Masters student I have lots of resources; we are a large but friendly postgrad community. The staff to student ratio here is good, and OUSA [Otago University Student Association] really looks after its members.”

Hazel has taken full advantage of Otago’s world-class facilities during her studies, including the Information Services Building, which houses the main university library. “The library is an invaluable resource, and I enjoy being at a campus university with everything so close.”

While initially attracted by Otago’s proximity to the scenic and recreation areas of the South Island, Hazel is now in her fifth year of study at Otago and Dunedin has become her home away from home. “I love living here, it’s such a great city, not too big, not too small, with lots of interesting people doing interesting things.

“I’d highly recommend Otago, I feel completing my studies here gives me a unique perspective on the world. Otago is a nice community and a very relaxed place to be at university."