Scholarships and funding

As there are no student loans for international UK students who wish to study at university in New Zealand, the main option for funding study is usually scholarships.

Scholarships are either offered directly by the universities, by external organisations or by the New Zealand Government. Almost all scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Most universities will offer scholarships for postgraduate and research studies and some offer undergraduate scholarship schemes, though you should check carefully whether the course you are interested in qualifies for a scholarship as well as what the individual details of that scholarship are. Many scholarships only cover a percentage of tuition fees, rather than the whole sum, for example, or may not contribute anything toward living expenses. For information on what university-based scholarships are available please check each individual university’s profile information. 

The New Zealand government also offer a limited number of research scholarships for international students, the New Zealand Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS). Students are selected on Academic Merit and the NZIDRS provide full tuition fees and a living and other allowances for successful candidates. You can find out more about applying for one of these scholarships at the New Zealand Educated (run by the Ministry of Education) website.

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