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New Zealand and Australia are both extremely popular places to study sport at university. You can put this down partly to the choice and range of sport courses on offer, and partly to their excellent reputation internationally, but we think it’s also due to the extent to which sport and exercise permeate everyday life in Australia and New Zealand.

International relations and development studies are an extremely popular choice for graduates looking for postgraduate programmes at New Zealand universities. Many students who have studied these subjects or those closely related to them in the UK, and who are looking to establish a career in this field, correctly assume that studying outside the UK will afford them a valuable new perspective on global issues, as well as giving them a real point of difference on their CV.

Engineers are currently in demand in New Zealand, the government has committed to a long-term plan for improving the national infrastructure, with road improvements, new schools and hospitals planned.  After the 2011 earthquakes, there is still a substantial amount of infrasturcture development going on in the city of Christchurch as well.  With all this happening, there is no better place to choose to study engineering.