Applying for a PhD

If you want to apply for a PhD or research degree at an Australian or New Zealand university you must first establish contact with a potential supervisor and get provisional approval for your intended research proposal. This will mean that you have to identify the institutions and academics that are working in the area you intend to read and making direct contact with the relevant individuals. It is only after you have done this that you can make a formal application for admission to the university.

The UK representative of the university can guide you through the formal admissions procedures after you have make contact with a potential supervisor. Alternatively, if the institution does not have a representative in the UK you can contact the International Student Admissions office for assistance with your application.

When you are ready to make an application for admission, you will need to fill out the relevant application form for the university which can be obtained through the UK representative.

All documents that you provide need to be certified true copies of the original documents. The UK representative of the university that you want to apply to can certify all your academic documents free of charge. If the institution that you want to apply to does not have a UK representative then you should contact the institution directly to ask them who can certify your documents. This can usually be done by a lawyer or notary in the UK.

In order to apply for a research degree you will need to provide original academic transcripts for each year of your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. A transcript is an official document from your university stating the modules that you have studied and the results that you got. You should also make sure that the transcripts contain an explanation of the university’s grading system. If they do not then you will need to provide this separately. You should also provide your original degree completion certificates from both your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

You will be required to provide a photocopy of the picture page of your passport. This does not have to be certified. You should include an up to date copy of your CV, your research proposal as agreed with your supervisor as well as a letter or email from your supervisor outlining their willingness to supervise your research. You will generally also be asked to provide academic referee reports to support your application. To get more information about the application process for a specific university you should contact the UK representative.

It generally takes between eight and twelve weeks for universities to assess PhD applications.

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