When do I apply to university?

The beginning of the academic year in Australia and New Zealand is February, although some courses do offer students the opportunity to start studying in semester 2 (July).

You can apply for admission anywhere between 18 and three months before a course starts. It is important to note that some courses – including medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, fine arts and performance, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level – are likely to have earlier application deadlines. You can contact the university’s UK representative to check these.

Undergraduate (Bachelor degree) applications:

The earliest you can apply for an undergraduate degree is when you have received your predicted A Level or IB (or equivalent school-leaving qualification) results. Your school or college will usually provide you with these when you begin year 13 or upper sixth. Provided you met the academic requirements for the course you would then be issued with a conditional offer of place. This would then be updated to unconditional provided you met the stated grade or point requirements when you got your final exam results in July or August.

For the majority of degree courses, it is also possible to still apply for a semester 1 university place after you receive your A-Level (or equivalent) results in July or August, due to the fact that the academic year in Australia and New Zealand does not start until February. This would mean that you would be applying for an unconditional offer.

Postgraduate (Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters by coursework) applications:

You can apply for a postgraduate coursework programme before you have completed your UK degree. If you decide to do this you may be considered for a conditional offer. Some universities, however, prefer to see complete academic transcripts before assessing candidates for programmes. The earliest that a university would generally accept an application for a postgraduate course would be after the student has completed the first semester of their final year.

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